For the love of all that is holy, will you please update your IE6 already?

How is it that there are still people out there using Internet Explorer 6?

It’s a recurring nightmare here that within a month or two after launching a web site we’ll get an inevitable email from the client forwarded from one of their customers about how their beautiful new site looks horrible on their browser. I don’t even need to ask. IE6 right?

IE6 is the bane of every web designer out there. Most web designers have resigned themselves to the fact that they need to spend extra time on each project hacking special rules for other versions of Internet Explorer. But, because of IE6′s antiquated method of rendering pages there are a whole host of things that just won’t work on it. Or won’t look good on it. The web has moved on, but IE6 and a few die hard users haven’t. I bet if you calculated the all the extra hours every designer has had to spend making their web sites degrade gracefully into IE6 it would come to at least 7% of the GDP.

Who ARE you people? As of May, 2011 roughly 10% of all web users are still using it. Is it a retro thing? Are you being contrarian? Even if you don’t want to switch browsers to Chrome, Mozilla or Safari at least upgrade to a version of IE that was released later than George Bush’s second term in office.

Like many other design firms, and Microsoft itself, we have decided not to support IE6 any longer. It’s time to stop the madness, grow up and get a big-boy browser.

An example page on a "civilized" browser like Chrome.

An example page on a "civilized" browser like Chrome.

IE6 renders a page into mush

IE6 renders the same page into mush