ASICS Support Your Marathoner

NYC & LA Marathon runners get a personalized boost.

Client: Asics
Partner Agency:

We teamed up with San Diego-based interactive firm, Vitro, to develop this web site for Asics in conjunction with the New York City Marathon. More recently, we created a sister site for the LA Marathon. was created to allow friends and family of marathon runners to post video messages. Captured through their normal web cam, the videos were then processed by Vitro and dynamically displayed at strategically positioned LCD screens along the race course. Small chips inside the runner’s Asics shoes identified them and sent a signal to display the corresponding video on the screen. So, even if mom can’t make it to the race, she can still cheer on her son or daughter remotely from a giant screen.

We created the web site using a custom built Ruby on Rails app tied in to Viddler, a video capture solution. The web site captured all the supporter information and their support media and exported a list that associated the media with the runner’s registration numbers. Vitro created the concept and handled all the on site logistics and video processing.