Hopworks Urban Brewery

The organic beer revolution has begun.

Client: Hopworks Urban Brewery
URL: http://www.hopworksbeer.com
Partner Agency:
Date built: June 15th, 2011

Even before this now-famous brew pub was completed we began working with Hopworks founder, Christian Ettinger, to develop a web presence. How can we resist? It’s an opportunity to be next to all that glorious, delicious beer. Now, in 2011 Hopworks is a household name and has just opened their second location, the Bike Bar on North Williams.

We created this minimalist, industrial-themed web site that is easy to use and manage for the staff. The site incorporates a blog, photo slide shows and a dynamic pull down jQuery menu that looks like the physical chalkboard menu behind their bar. The menus can be updated through the WordPress CMS. In addition we will be launching an Shopify-driven online store for fans to buy t-shirts and other goods.

Hopworks isn’t just another brewery. It’s a culture. Hopworks Urban Brewery has offers handcrafted organic beers and fresh, local ingredients, all served in a sustainably built and operated building. We tried to build a site that reflects that ethos.