Hottie Guitars

A sleek site for some sleek guitars.

Client: Hottie Guitars
Date built: June 15th, 2011

No brand name is more honest than Hottie guitars. They are hot indeed. Their guitars have smooth, slightly dramatic lines and a slippery-sleek, glass-smooth finish. Like the hot rods that inspired their design, Hottie guitars radiate “sexy”. In designing their website we didn’t want to lose that sexiness.

Photography was key. With great lighting and a keen eye for key angles, photographer Greg Nichols captured the essences of the guitars, amps, and pickups. We used those images throughout the site to highlight their product and let it speak for itself.

Music is as individual as the musicians who create it. Because of this, we embedded a Flash “Customizing Tool”, allowing prospective customers to customize their Hottie with different body styles, colors, pickups, and bridges. We also randomized the background to keep the site fresh and new each time you move to a page.

In all, the site ended up as unique and sleek as the products it showcases.